Drone Zone NJ makes futuristic drone flying a reality

Written for MyCentralJersey.com on 12/16/17

Back when we used to dream about life in the future, we all thought we would be cruising in flying cars, living in space and flying our drones.

Now it’s nearly 2018, and yes, you can fly a drone — which is made easier thanks to Drone Zone NJ in Flemington, set to officially open on Jan. 15 in Liberty Village.

“People love to challenge themselves with speed, flips and turning with our drones,” said borough resident Diane Booher, the founder of Drone Zone N.J. “It’s a fun, lighthearted activity that people of all ages can enjoy.”

Courtesy of Drone Zone NJ

Drone Zone N.J., which is currently soft opening, will offer a variety of services. Representatives will be able to attend events with a coming-soon mobile drone cage; the business also will host drone parties, drone flying workshops and lessons, fundraisers as well as “open flight nights,” where visitors can pay between $20 and $25 to get in the door and fly a drone for one hour, as well as rent a drone for an additional $10 an hour.

“We have gotten a huge response from everyone,” Booher said. “People typically think only the younger generation would be interested in drones, but that’s not true. People come up to me interested in drone flying who you would never think would want to fly a drone.”

Booher said that visitors don’t need any experience to fly a drone — staff members can teach customers the basics but otherwise, she said it’s “pretty easy, like playing a video game.” For those who are interested in honing their drone flying technique, Drone Zone N.J. will offer drone flying lessons.

Courtesy of Drone Zone NJ

Plus, in their planned workshops, customers can come in, build their own drones and then fly them themselves. Or, they can simply head to an open flight night, rent one or bring one and give it a go.

Interest in Drone Zone N.J. has been “overwhelming,” said Booher — tickets have already been pre-sold for events that aren’t even on the calendar yet. Those who are interested can also come to the grand opening on Saturday, Jan. 15, meet Booher and learn more about how they can host future drone events which can accommodate 15 to 20 people or even host their own fundraiser there.

ransitioning to operating a drone center seemed natural to Booher – she was formerly the special events coordinator at Next Level Arena in Flemington where people hosted bubble soccer parties, laser tag parties and more. When her 16-year-old son, Jack, became interested in drones, the two paired up to create their own new business in their town.

Courtesy of Drone Zone NJ

“All of my connections are here and there’s not a ton of recreational things to do here for families,” she said. “We thought it would be a fun, cutting-edge activity.”

Drone Zone NJ

Where: 1 Church St., (Liberty Village) Flemington

Contact: 908-512-7555, dronezonenj.com

Grand Opening: Jan. 15

Offerings: Parties, lessons, workshops, fundraisers, fairs, open flight nights

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