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Millennials are rocking the N.J. foodie world

Written for on 10/3/17

When was the last time you walked into a chain restaurant?

How about the last time you called an eatery to voice your feedback?

Or the last time you ordered a standard dish like chicken fingers or meatloaf?

If you’re a millennial — someone roughly between the ages of 20 and 40 — there’s a good chance you won’t be able to answer any of these questions. That’s because today’s typical millennial foodie doesn’t have a lot in common with older generations.

“Millennials are different because they’ve grown up accustomed to expecting better,” said Erika Desimone, director of marketing at Capital Craft in Green Brook, a modern gastropub with an ever-evolving menu. “They are not a generation of kids who grew up on chicken fingers and fries; they have long been familiar with locally grown produce, organic meats and dairy, and they aren’t afraid to try exotic flavors and cooking styles.”

~Courtesy of Barca City Cafe and Bar


Sip away the heat with these 11 summer cocktails

Written for on 6/15/16

With temperatures climbing into the 90s, there’s only one thing to do to cool off after the sun goes down (or while it’s still in the sky) – enjoy a refreshing summer cocktail from one of Central Jersey’s many bars and restaurants.

Local bartenders and restaurateurs are already planning for a season of breezy, fruity and crisp cocktails with bar menus that reflect the need to relax after a long, hot day in New Jersey’s humid weather.

To find out where you can head this summer for a specialty cocktail that offers just as much as the sunny season does, check out the seasonal drinks offered at the bars and restaurants below.