5 most outlandish NJ museums worth the drive

Written for on 1/25/18

As a travel, entertainment and food writer, there’s nothing I love more than getting out and checking out new and exciting places in the hidden and misunderstood gem that is New Jersey.

However, I have a confession to make: None of those “new and exciting places” ever involve your typical museum. I can admit that I lack the patience, understanding and appreciation that is needed to visit a typical art or history museum and walk through its hallways, learning from a docent about each piece’s significance as I count down the minutes until lunch.

Through my travels, though, I have learned that there are many museums that do not fit this description, and instead, these dynamic and one-of-a-kind museums have me telling my like-minded friends, “You just have to see this.”

If you’re like me and want a museum experience without the museum bore — and you’re ready to escape the drab of winter with something new to do — then check out these New Jersey museums that are certainly worth the journey.

Photo by Jenna Intersimone