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5 most outlandish NJ museums worth the drive

Written for on 1/25/18

As a travel, entertainment and food writer, there’s nothing I love more than getting out and checking out new and exciting places in the hidden and misunderstood gem that is New Jersey.

However, I have a confession to make: None of those “new and exciting places” ever involve your typical museum. I can admit that I lack the patience, understanding and appreciation that is needed to visit a typical art or history museum and walk through its hallways, learning from a docent about each piece’s significance as I count down the minutes until lunch.

Through my travels, though, I have learned that there are many museums that do not fit this description, and instead, these dynamic and one-of-a-kind museums have me telling my like-minded friends, “You just have to see this.”

If you’re like me and want a museum experience without the museum bore — and you’re ready to escape the drab of winter with something new to do — then check out these New Jersey museums that are certainly worth the journey.

Photo by Jenna Intersimone


Explore art in its natural habitat at Grounds for Sculpture

Written for on 8/30/16

HAMILTON – Grounds for Sculpture, an outdoor contemporary art gallery that is home to more than 250 sculptures on 42 acres, doesn’t have much in common with a typical art gallery.

No one will tell you not to run.

No one will tell you not to speak.

No one will tell you not to touch.

And, perhaps most importantly, you won’t feel like you need a degree in art history to understand what you’re looking at.

That’s because the gallery, which was opened in 1992 by J. Seward Johnson, a sculptor and philanthropist, aims to make contemporary art approachable for the average person.

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