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New Jersey Eats: Top 10 Morris restaurants

Written for on 7/13/17

From Mount Olive to Mountain Lakes, Morris County has it all when it comes to dining – the region is known for its fine dining eateries featuring pre-fixe menus with exotic dishes to hometown pub hangouts with some of the best pizza and burgers to be found.

When it comes to determining the top eateries, the answers are simple – these restaurants always have full parking lots and patrons with full stomachs.

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Historic home becomes the setting for Morristown restaurant

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When I moved to my new home in the historic and bustling New Jersey city of Morristown, I knew I was in for a real culinary delight.

From previous visits from my former home located about 45 minutes away, I already knew that I could head to Nagano for quality sushi in an authentic atmosphere, Guerriero’s Ristorante for Neapolitan-style dishes with unique flavors and Origin Thai for scrumptious Thai food in an elegant setting.

What I didn’t know was that the iconic Vail Mansion in downtown Morristown, built in 1917 and formerly the home of first AT&T president Theodore N. Vail, had recently become the home of one of the city’s newest and most interesting restaurants after it was restored to its original grandeur by Roseland, a wholly owned subsidiary of Mack-Cali Realty Corporation and Woodmont Properties.

Jockey Hollow Bar and Kitchen, which opened its Vail Mansion doors on Oct. 21 of 2014, isn’t exactly one bar and restaurant. Actually, it’s four.