Meet our new guest blogger

My name is Dr. Donato Soranno (otherwise known as Dr. Dan) and I have known Jenna for a long time as a patient and friend. She has visited my office monthly and I would tell her of my world travels.

I have been to the top of Machu Picchu, swam with sharks around Bora Bora and the Great Whites off the tip of Africa. I have been on the Amazon River to observe pink dolphins.  I am very fond of Italy swell as many other European countries.

Elephants along the Chobe River in Africa. (Photography by Dan Soranno)

When I saw Jenna’s, blog I thought that I could contribute some of the experiences that I have had around the world with a few tips of what to see and do in these places as well as a little look through my photography.  I will try to address specific trips to the areas that I have been lucky enough to see and be in.

Pedro Moreno Glacier In Patagonia S America,Bora Bora and Chobe River in Africa are three fine examples of amazing places to see.

The Pedro Moreno Glacier in Patagonia, South America. (Photography by Dan Soranno)

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