‘The Big Easy’s’ annual Jazz Fest is finally here

Written by Guest Blogger Donato Soranno

New Orleans has been called “The Big Easy” – and justifiably so.

I have been attending The New Orleans Jazz and Heritage Festival since 1990 since here, you can find the best musicians, the best chefs and some of the oldest history in the United States.

New Orleans during Mardi Gras. (Photo by Donato Soranno)

The word ‘jazz’ in the festival name is a misnomer as it is held at the local race track.  It features the gods of rock, jazz, country, zydeco, gospel and all at the same time during the last weekend of April and the first weekend of May from 11 a.m. to 7 p.m. Friday through Sunday on the first weekend and Thursday through Sunday on the second weekend.

The New Orleans Jazz and Heritage Festival has over 60 food booths with hundreds of great choices. Restaurants like Bayona, Mandinas, Ye Olde College Inn, K-Pauls Kitchen, Pesche, to name a few, can satisfy most dining fantasies.

A band at the jazz festival.(Photo by Donato Soranno)

With over 100 music venues, Frenchman Street is lined with music to listen to on the sidewalks as you stroll by or enter the venues.  There are typically four to eight acts going at the same time, with usually several of your favorites going on at once making it tough to choose at times.

Going to the New Orleans Jazz and Heritage Festival requires preparation three to six months in advance due to its overwhelming popularity. It’s one of the most fun activities that I do all year!

A crowd gathers at the jazz festival. (Photo by Donato Soranno)

New Orleans is a great town to visit at any time, though and it is the perfect long weekend getaway.  Be it the New Orleans Jazz and Heritage Festival, Mardi Gras or a non-festival weekend it is certainly one of the biggest ways to have fun.

A sculpture in New Orleans. (Photo by Donato Soranno)

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